What we do

It’s taken over two years and more than 4,000 guests for this business to finally solidify its identity and find its place in the world of travel. We are more than the boats we rent or the trips we take, we are facilitators of human connection and purveyors of character-building experiences. This observation becomes subtly apparent when you step back and see the smiling faces of people lost in conversation with others from around the world, complete strangers to one another merely hours before but who now share a special connection and influence in each others lives, and will continue to long after they bid farewell and depart back to their own corners of the earth.

The wealthy businessman who slept under the stars on the deck of a humble ship, which completely changed his perception of happiness; the mother who found a way to bond with her teenage daughter; the wife who lost her husband the year before and is now finishing his bucket list for him. Real life. Sharing that life. That is what makes what we do so much different than any other business. Do more than travel.

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Come share life on the water with us!

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