Overnight Accommodations

From hostel-style ships to private yachts, browse our selection of boats to find the one that is perfect for your nights stay out on the water.


Day Trips

Whether you're looking to visit the reef, hit the local sandbars or simply take a sunset sail with your sweetheart, we have the boats and captains to for you.



Rod fishing, spear fishing, lobstering, tubing, water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, sailing lessons, the list goes on...


Charter Trips

Where do you want to go? Cuba? Bahamas? Mexico? Choose your destination, select a boat and a captain and let's get going!


Boat Rental

From small dinghies to large sailboats, you can bareboat charter for your own use any of our available vessels.



Venues from ships, flotillas, sandbars and remote islands, we can help make your event unique and serene.