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Armada is defined as a fleet of warships. While we are certainly not planning to go to battle, the Armada Experience encompasses the idea of camaraderie within a community of like-minded individuals seeking an alternative lifestyle sailing the seas. As a member of the Armada, opportunities abound. If the smell of the salty sea air and the ebb and flow of the waves beckon to you as your mind perpetually dreams of life on the water, joining the Armada may be the opportunity for you.

Are you an eager to learn novice sailor or a licensed captain but without your own vessel? Perhaps you are a creative individual longing to spend time on the water to refocus and can offer your talents to the fleet? Are you a boat owner looking for a return on your investment but do not have the time to manage it? Or you are an investor who seeks to enhance the business models and opportunities for smaller businesses? While quite an array of individuals and circumstances, they all fit within the realm of the Armada Experience.

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Whether you have a vessel, time or money, you can become a part of the Armada.

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